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I make computers go beep boop.

I'm a master computer science student at Graz University of Technology focusing on data science. Besides university I used to work as a web developer at chax.at.

1. About

Hello! My name is Julian and my passion lies in the realm of computer science. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Graz University of Technology in 2022. Currently, I'm enrolled in the Master's program in Computer Science, specializing in data science as my major, while exploring interactive systems and visualization as my minor.

Additionally I enjoy tinkering in the field of web development and thus I used to work at chax.at. Sharing knowledge is a joy for me, which is why I'm actively involved as a teaching assistant in two courses: Fundamentals of Geometry Processing and Logic and Computability.

During my leisure moments, I immerse myself in the world of movies and series. My creative side flourishes as I indulge in programming projects, a favorite pastime of mine. And when I'm not engrossed in my studies or projects, you'll often find me socializing with friends at the local pub.

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2. Projects

Featured Project


The hospital in Klagenfurt employs an automatic scanner called 'Nessus' in order to find vulnerabilities. Hydra is a platform to evaluate all scan results such that vulnerabilities can be easily tracked down.


Featured Project

Marching Cubes

Marching Cubes convertes implicit functions into meshes. This project provides a visualization that is also used in the course 'Fundamentals of Geometry Processing'.

ConversionGeometry ProcessingVisualization

Featured Project


Herkules is an automated assignment testing system for the course 'Fundamentals of Geometry Processing' which is the result of my bachelor thesis.

SvelteFlaskCourse ManagementAutomated testing

Featured Project

The History of this Website

Since this website also counts as a project and has evolved over time, I decided to give its history a dedicated page.

Web Development

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